New Apostolic Church – 19 years later

Nineteen years ago, I wrote a small book about my experiences in the New Apostolic Church and the factors that led to my breaking ties with that church. It is hard to believe that so many years have passed. A lot of water have flowed under the bridge since then and I have moved on to many new ventures since.

However, my association with that book and the articles that I wrote on the subject are still the most common results when I search my name on Google. Occasionally, I get requests for information on the topic. So, I have decided to place the three articles that were published here: NAC Articles.

The book is unfortunately out of print, and since some of the information is out of date, I will not upload it here. Instead I am embarking on a new chapter in my writing and if you want to follow progress on that then you are welcome to contact me and I will add you to my mailing list.