Running for Pads

Running for Pads

Access to sanitary pads is something that all girls who are old enough need every month. Yet, millions of girls miss between two and five school days every month due to lack of funds to purchase sanitary pads during their menstrual periods. (See

The #Running4Pads initiative has the aim of securing and donating sanitary pads to schools and communities in need. #Running4Pads is a Non-Profit Company consisting of individual volunteers.

This team offer skills towards the campaign from social media, organising collections and running to raise awareness and ultimately the collection of packets of sanitary pads that is to be distributed to schools for girls in need. The team’s goal is to ensure that we can help as many school girls as possible by restoring their dignity and keeping them in school.

I enjoy running for medals but now I’m #Running4Pads. Contact me if you would like to donate a pack of pads for girls who need them. You can also make a financial donation into the following bank account.

Account Name: Running4Pads
Bank: FNB
Branch Code: 201809
Account Number: 62761711962
Account Type: Business Cheque
Ref: SL-R4P

Once a term, we visit schools in the Cape Town area and drop off pads that we have collected. Everywhere, that we’ve been the school staff are always grateful for our contributions and confirm the need that is out there.

The South African government has finally exempted sanitary pads from VAT. It’s a pity though that such an essential item is not made available free of charge for girls who need it.